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If you have a gas appliance it would be wise to annually carry out a gas safety check on your appliance. This would make sure that your appliances are working well and safely for your security. Often when a gas appliance isn’t checked, it can be exposed to carbon monoxide build up and other problems. This can result in costly repairs, accidental breakdowns and even worse.

When it comes to carbon monoxide build up and leakages, this can be very risky as it is a lethal gas that can kill quickly in severe cases. So it is paramount that if you suspect any problems with your gas appliance, you call a registered engineer to check it out as soon as possible. For more information on carbon monoxide please click here to view our carbon monoxide blog.

When your gas safety test is completed, you will receive a gas safety certificate (CP12), which can be used for a year as proof that your gas appliance has been checked and is safe.

A gas safety certificate is a legal requirement for landlords. A landlord must have a gas safety certificate on every gas appliance within a property or they can be prosecuted resulting in fines and on severe cases imprisonment. This is your legal obligation as a landlord but not to fear, we at Gas Cookers Installation have incredibly competitive prices and can carry out a gas safety test within 24-48 hours of your first call so don’t panic!

For more information on a gas safety test or for general enquiries about our other services, please call Gas Cookers Installation on 0333 320 0458 or simply send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Customer Reviews

Gas Cookers Installation

Customer Reviews

Daniel Davies

My Gas Oven is fully installed and functional, I am ready to take tips from my Jamie Oliver cookbook! Thanks for your service, I have no complaints at all.

Debbie Gilbert

I had a free standing cooker installation and I was more than willing to write a review. The engineer was funny and very bubbly. If all your engineers are like this, you have an admirable team of engineers! Thanks a lot.

Arnold Reegan

Trustworthy Gas Safe registered engineers that disconnected my hob within 30 mins. I couldn't provide a better service myself. Thanks.

Ibrahim Almazwagi

Got my dual fuel cooker installed today and your company made my day! Having a disconnection free because of my installation was perfect. Thanks for your services

Lin Chi

Free standing gas cooker installation went really well and very fast. The engineer came 10 minutes early and left within 20 mins. More than satisfied with my new cooker thank you.

James Hanagan

I had to leave a review. These guys are fantastic, I would recommend to literally anyone. Thanks for your help and advice.

Emma Herbridge

I called the engineer for a cooker service, although when I made the call I forgot to mention that I might need a gas hose. Not that it mattered he had a spare! Prepared and efficient. Well done!

Wayne Edwards

I called 2 companies who struggled to fit me in with a busy schedule, really frustrating. So thanks for the quick response.

Vanessa Marshall

I didn't know why my kitchen smelled of gas sometimes, especially after cooking. The engineer told me my gas hose was not connected properly. This could have been a real danger to my health and safety. Thank you for your help.

Ahmed Khan

So happy my new cooker is ready to use. No hidden costs, just what you want. Thanks