Gas Cooker Intstallation

A cooker Installation can often be difficult if not done properly by a qualified engineer. Here at Gas Cookers Installation, we offer a premium service and we will only give you a qualified engineer who is registered with gas safe.

Your Gas cooker installation will be quick and simple. Your cooker will be connected to the gas supply using a flexible hose. This allows you to clean around your Range cooker as it permits you to pull out your oven slightly. Depending on your oven you may need a longer flexible hose.

When it comes to any gas appliances it can be dangerous work, so by ensuring you have your cooker installation done by our registered professionals, you can be assured they will check for any problems with your gas installation and also check for any gas leakages. Once they have checked this, they can also give you a gas safety certificate (CP12) if you request it on completion of your Cooker Installation. This is a separate service and we can do deals on your gas safety certificate if you get it with your installation.

We understand here at Gas Cookers Installation that when you receive your new cooker it can often be confusing. So don’t stress! Leave it to us to ensure that your Cooker Installation goes smoothly and you have nothing to worry about. Our competitive prices make it hard for you to refuse!

Your safety is the number one priority; it is dangerous to tamper with a Cooker Installation because gas can be lethal. So give us a call on 0207 781 9249 or email us at It is quick, easy and simple to book and you can also receive a free quote. Remember your safety is the most important thing.