Gas Cooker Servicing

Gas cooker servicing should be carried out annually to ensure that the appliance is working to the safe standards and the connection to the gas supply has remained safe and secure.

A gas cooker that has not been maintained is generally less effective and is more prone to accidental breakdowns and expensive repairs. It can also become a hazard and put yours and your family’s lives at risk from Carbon Monoxide poisoning and gas explosions.

Although it is advised to have gas cooker servicing once every year, you should always have gas cooker servicing undertaken if your appliance is not working or if you are worried that your appliance is leaking gas.

Gas cooker servicing will not only benefit you if your appliance is not working properly but will also help prevent future breakdowns and problems with your cooker.

What happens during gas cooker servicing?

During gas cooker servicing our Gas Cookers Installation engineer will need to check a number of things to ensure your appliance is safe and useable.

  • Flues and fans are checked to ensure gas can escape preventing Carbon Monoxide forming
  • The ignition and burner pressure of your cooker will be tested
  • Ensure the connection to the gas supply is tight
  • A safety chain may be fitted if there is no existing one

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