Hob Installation

Having a gas hob installation can be a timely process. This is because unlike a freestanding cooker, solid copper pipes are used to create a connection from the gas supply valve to the hob itself.

When purchasing a new gas hob you should consider the space you have to fit it in compared to the actual size of the hob. It is important to remember that there are specific regulations to follow when completing a hob installation. A minimum of 750mm clearance is required above a gas hob to a cooker hood. Any units that are fitted to the walls either side of a hood must be at least 366mm above. A further clearance of a minimum of 300mm is required either side of the hob if installing next to flammable material e.g. wooden cupboards.

The first step to the gas hob installation, like any other gas appliance installation is to ensure the gas is switched off at the mains. Our engineer will then assess the best way to create a connection from the gas mains to the hob using copper pipes.

Once the copper pipe has been cut down and a suitable connection method planned our engineer will begin to solder the copper pipe into place to ensure the connection from each pipe is tight and secure.

After this has been completed your gas will then be switched back on and tested for any gas leaks or defects. When our Gas Cookers Installation engineer is certain that the hob installation is complete and safe to use, you will be issued with a Gas Safety Certificate (CP12).

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