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Gas cookers are things that you have for a while and are not usually just for the short term. The safety of your cooker can be compromised after the wear and tear over the years. Whilst gas safety certificates are not compulsory for home owners, for a very affordable price, they are worth the peace of mind.

In order to receive a gas safety certificate, a gas safe registered engineer will have to check the main parts of your cooker including the flues and fans. Also, they would have to check the gas supply and the gas hoses or copper pipes to ensure the gas link is safe.

There are a lot of cases in the UK regarding gas poisoning especially carbon monoxide poisoning cases. Carbon monoxide poisoning is too common for it to be just ‘rare cases’, so make sure you are not caught out, especially if u have a cooker you have had for a while. Make sure you get it gas safe checked to ensure your home is safe.

The need for a gas safety certificate is a bit different for landlords. Not only will this ensure the gas appliances in the property are safe, this is also a legal obligation and has to be carried out annually by law. If there are any gas leakages or problems in a landlord’s property which cause further problems to tenants or anybody else, then the landlord would be liable and can face fines and in some cases imprisonment.

So make sure you get your gas appliances checked as soon as possible to prevent any further damage to the home, yourselves or your gas appliances.