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A Gas Certificate is something a lot of home owners do not know about. It is not a legal requirement for home owners; however, it can be extremely important in ensuring your home is safe. Gas Safety checks are quick and won’t take up a lot of your time. They are also fair in price and are definitely worth the peace of mind in knowing that your appliances are safe.

For landlords, a gas safety check is a legal requirement and if you move in tenants, you have to be able to produce a gas safety certificate when asked. If anything happens at your property regarding gas and you have not had that appliance checked, you can be liable resulting in fines and even imprisonment.

There are always a lot of new cases in the media about gas leakages in homes and carbon monoxide poisoning in homes due to faulty gas appliances or gas appliances not installed properly. By ensuring you have a gas safety check at least annually, you can be aware of any problems in your gas appliances and rectify them before they become and even bigger problem. You should also make sure that all of your gas appliances are installed by a registered Gas Safe engineer as only they are fully qualified to install your gas appliance safely.

There are numerous amounts of problems that can occur from gas appliances within the home, and there is no better way of dealing with them than to keep on top of your appliances and making sure they are safe so when problems do occur, you know what to do to ensure it is safe again.

Have your Gas appliance checked today at a very competitive price. Whether it is for peace of mind or legal requirements, a gas safety certificate is always a good thing to have when ensuring your home is safe.

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