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An oven service should be carried out at least annually. This is to ensure that your gas oven is working safely and securely.

Maintenance of your oven is important and generally ovens that are not well maintained are prone to accidental breakdown and very costly repairs. A lot of ovens you buy are under warranty, and depending on where you purchased yours from, having an oven service can increase the warranty and is part of the oven maintenance.

During an oven service, our Gas Safe engineer will ensure that your gas connection is secure and safe and they will also make sure there are no gas leakages and clean the important parts of your oven to make sure there is no build up of carbon monoxide and your fire is burning properly.

Ovens can be dangerous if not maintained and in some cases can lead to gas leakages. Carbon monoxide is an extremely dangerous gas and can be released if the fire in your gas appliance is not burning properly so it is vital you have your oven serviced in case there are problems you do not know about as carbon monoxide is almost impossible to detect.

If you ever suspect that your oven is leaking gas, make sure you turn of all gas immediately and have your gas oven checked by a registered engineer without delay

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