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Have you heard of an oven installation? Are you in need of an oven installation at your property? At Gas Cooker Installers we provide oven installations all over London, Kent, Middlesex and Surrey.

An oven installation is when your oven appliance is connected to the gas supply in your home in a safe and secure way. An oven installation can be a difficult job if the correct preparation is not performed correctly. The first step of any oven installation is very important. This consists of measuring the space in your kitchen and ensuring that the space you have, complies with the gas oven installation and cooker regulations. Our engineer will first switch off the gas at the mains supply to ensure there are no gas leaks whilst carrying out your oven installation. Copper pipes will be used to secure a gas connection from the gas supply valve to the oven. After our engineer has cut and soldered a strong connection to the gas supply your gas will be turned back on.

When measuring the space you have for your new gas oven to go in to, you should always leave enough space to fit the appliance and ensure that you have an electrical socket nearby if your oven requires this. The height of the oven can vary so you should always ensure that it fits with your cabinets and is the correct size.

We provide an excellent professional service with gas safe registered engineers at competitive rates. Just visit our website to see our competitive pricing.

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