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Sometimes general wear and tear and other factors can cause problems in your cooker. Cookers need to be maintained in order to prevent breakdowns and costly repairs. By having a cooker servicing at least annually, you can prevent these things from happening. Our qualified engineers can service your cooker to help increase the life of your cooker and improve its efficiency.

Our engineers may check that the ignition and burner pressure of your cooker is fine. They will ensure that the connection between your cooker and gas is tight to prevent leakages. They will fit a safety chain, if there is none, to prevent the gas pipe being pulled out and causing leakages. And lastly they will check the flues and fans to ensure gas can escape correctly preventing Carbon Monoxide from forming.

Carbon monoxide is an incredibly dangerous gas and can become a hazard putting you and all in your property at risk from Carbon Monoxide poisoning and even gas explosions. By regularly having a cooker servicing, you can prevent these things and keep your property safe.

If you ever suspect that your gas oven is leaking, you should call us immediately. A gas leak can potentially be disastrous so it is important to get your cooker servicing carried out by a registered professional immediately. Remember Gas is not always easy to detect so by having a regular cooker servicing, you minimise the potential of a gas leak and Carbon Monoxide being built up in your cooker.

Here at Gas Cookers Installation we have very competitive prices so make sure you call us to receive your free quote or book an appointment that is convenient for you to have your Gas Cooker serviced. You can contact us on 0333 320 0458 or send us a quick email at