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Finding it hard installing a Gas Hob? Is it trickier than it looks? Try not to stress yourself and allow our premium Gas Cooker engineers to install your Gas Hob for you.

It can be dangerous to not allow a qualified engineer to install your Gas hob. Installing a Gas hob is not as easy as it looks. When installing a gas hob, checks need to be carried out to ensure there are no gas leakages. Installing a Gas Hob is not as simple as installing a gas cooker because the pipes are not flexible like the ones needed for a normal oven, they require solid copper pipes, so they need to be Installed by a professional qualified Gas Cooker Engineer who can guarantee that the Gas hob is connected safely. Both normal Gas Cookers and Gas Hob cookers are advised to be installed by a professional.

There are specific requirements when installing a Gas Hob. For example, the space you have to fit the Gas Hob into is more important than the actual size of the hob, but our well trained and skilled Cooker Engineers are fully aware of all the requirements needed when installing a Gas Hob.

After our engineers have finished installing a Gas Hob at your home, they will test your Gas Hob for any leaks or defects. Once the engineer is assured that the Gas Hob is safe to use, you will be issued with a Gas Safety Certificate (CP12). This is one of the ways we at Gas Cookers Installation ensure that your Cooker is safe within your home.

So try evading the complications of installing a Gas Hob and call us now so we can send one of our brilliant Gas Cooker engineers to install your gas hob. Contact us on 0333 320 0458 for a free quote or send us an email at