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At Gas Cookers Installation, we cannot emphasise how important it is that you always make sure your cooker is safe, secure and working to a correct safe standard. To aid this, you should have a cooker service on your gas hob at least once a year. Often, the build up and damage of cookers can go unseen. By having a gas hob service at least annually, you prevent your oven from being exposed to accidental breakdowns and paying the bill for expensive repairs.

Although it is advisable to have a hob service on your hob once a year, if ever you are worried that your gas hob is not working or it may be leaking you should call in for a cooker Service immediately! Your safety is our number one priority so it is important to us at Gas Cookers Installation that you give us a call so we can check that your hob is working to a safe standard.

Our fully qualified and skilled engineers at Gas Cookers Installation will need to check various things to ensure that your appliance is safe and useable. Flues and fans will be checked to make certain gas can escape to prevent carbon monoxide forming. Carbon monoxide is a very dangerous gas so it is essential that this is prevented from happening. Also, our hob service will ensure that the connection to the gas supply is tight to prevent gas leakages.

Furthermore, our engineers here at Gas Cookers Installation will check the ignition and burner pressure of your cooker in our Gas Cooker Service to ensure your Gas Cooker is safe up to the highest standards.

So if you have worries or queries regarding your gas hob or a gas hob service feel free to call us on 0333 320 0458 or drop us an email at and we will get back to you promptly.