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A CP12 gas test certificate is a legal documentation stating that your gas appliance has been inspected by a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer and is deemed safe to use. It is important that you regularly check your gas appliance is in a safe condition to prevent any gas leakages or problems with your appliance.

Gas test certificates are quite simple to receive. An engineer will come to your property, check that the gas connection has no leakages, and ensure your gas appliance is safe to use. When they are confident that your gas appliance is in a safe condition, they will issue you with a gas safety Inspection certificate which then acts as proof that your inspection has been carried out.

If your gas safety inspection fails, this means that it is not safe to use your gas appliance and the engineer may choose to turn your gas off. In this case, the engineer will only issue you with a gas test certificate once the problem has been solved.

Remember that gas is not a thing to be played with. It can be dangerous so make sure your gas is installed by one of our gas safe registered engineers today!

So if you want to protect your home and want to make sure your gas isn’t a risk to you, why not obtain your own gas test certificate. It is easy and quick to book and our registered engineers can come at a time that is convenient for you within a 3 hour time slot so time need not be a problem for you!

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