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As it is coming to winter, people become more aware of their gas appliances as this is the time they use it most, especially when it comes to their boiler and entire heating system. It is wise to opt to have your gas appliance checked by a gas safe registered engineer because it means that the appliances you use most frequently in your home are safe to use.

Gas Safety certificates are documents stating that your gas appliance has been checked and are deemed safe to use. For home owners  this is for peace of mind and the safety of their home and family however, for landlords, this is a legal obligation and they have to have one. If not, this can end in fines and even imprisonment.

Problems with gas appliances sometimes can end with tragic consequences. There is a large array of cases where a gas appliance is faulty, causing carbon monoxide leakages that has seriously harmed or killed people. Carbon monoxide is an odourless, tasteless and colourless gas that can kill be very quickly if inhaled in large doses. Because it is undetectable, it often kills without people knowing that there is a leak and if not diagnosed soon, it can be untraced within the body.

Make sure that all of your gas appliances within the home are checked thoroughly to avoid any danger. Our gas safe registered engineers will check that your appliance is working accordingly and tell you if there are any problems that need to be corrected. This is the safest way to check your gas appliances. Never attempt to check them yourselves, it is risky and dangerous and if anything happens, you will be liable.

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