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Gas Safety certificates are certificates ensuring that you have had your gas appliance checked and it is up to the safe standard expected and laid out under cooker rules and regulations.

Here at Gas Cookers Installation, we can check your gas appliance an issue you with a gas safety certificate. We have Gas Safe registered engineers who are always up to date with popular gas appliances so you need not worry.

For landlords, a gas safety certificate on gas appliances in your tenant’s home is compulsory. It is your legal obligation to make sure that the gas appliances are safe to use. Failure to produce a gas safety certificate as a landlord can result in fines or in severe cases imprisonment. We have very competitive prices so why risk it? Make sure you have your gas safety inspection done as soon as possible before you move your tenants in.

Your Gas Safety Certificates (CP12) will last for a year. So we advise you have a gas safety check annually to ensure your cooker is working safely and efficiently.

If you ever feel that you may have a gas leak, turn off all your gas appliances open all your windows and make sure you have your gas appliances checked. Gas can be deadly so it is paramount that you check your appliances regularly.

Gas Safety Certificates are important for landlords and homeowners, so make sure you call Gas Cookers Installation on 0333 320 0458 for a no obligation free quote. You can also email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We work within a three hour time slot and we can also pick up and drop off keys from a different location within three miles of where the job is being carried out to help be of convenience to you.