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Just had a new oven installed and did not receive a gas certificate? Own a property in London and need a Gas Safety Certificate in London to start moving in your tenants? Then look no further! We at Gas Cookers Installers have professional and qualified engineers all over London so we can reach you no matter what part of London you are in.

Some people neglect to realise the importance of Gas Safety Certificates for their properties especially if you are renting out the properties to other people which gives you an added responsibility. For the protection of your own home, you need to make sure that your home is safe by having one of our Gas Safe registered engineers carry out an inspection on your gas appliances.

London is not always an easy area to own a property in, so why not help us relieve some of your worry by making sure gas is not a problem within your home.  We will check that there are no gas leakages or problems with your gas and only when we are confident that your gas is safe will we issue you with a Gas Safety Certificate. Sometimes your gas inspection could fail and you will not be given a gas safety certificate, however, once the problem is rectified we will be more than happy to give you your passed Gas Safety Certificate in London.

Remember it is important that you have a gas safety inspection because it is often hard to detect gas and gas can be harmful so get your Gas Safety Certificate in London from Gas Cookers Installation today!

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