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As well as our other services, we also carry gas inspections or gas safety checks. This simply means we use our Gas Safe registered, qualified engineers to check your gas appliance in order to see if it is safe to use and in secure, working order.

For landlords, gas inspections are particularly important because tenants cannot legally live in a house where the landlord has not had the gas appliances tested by a gas safe engineer and received a gas safety certificate (CP12). This is the landlord’s legal obligation and without doing so can lead to fines and in extreme cases, imprisonment.

During a gas inspection our engineer will do various things in order to make sure that your gas appliance is safe. The engineer may do things such as check the flues and fans to ensure that gas can escape properly so no carbon monoxide is forming. They may also check the ignition and burner of your oven and various other things to make sure that your oven is working to a safe standard.

If the engineer feels like your gas appliance is not safe, you will not pass the safety inspection and only when the problems that will be stated by the engineer has been fixed, will you receive your gas safety certificate (CP12).

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