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There are various pros and cons when it comes to gas and electric cookers and deciphering which one to get. Here is a little bit of information that may help you decide.

Gas Cookers generally provide more immediate heat because of the naked flame rather than waiting for the electrical current heat to build up. However, once this builds up it becomes more constant so this allows more even cooking however, the heat cannot be changed quickly like a gas cooker because again you have to wait on the electrical currents to change and the electric plate to cool to the correct temperature.

Gas cookers tend to be cheaper in cost because gas is cheaper than electricity. This has to come into consideration when deciding what cooker you should buy. Electricity uses less units, however because electricity units are so expensive, this still becomes more costly than gas cookers. Occasionally, people opt for dual fuel cookers. These are cookers that use both electrical and gas supplies.

A dual fuel cooker usually has a gas hob and an electric oven. This is popular with chefs and cooks because the electric oven allows even heating and the gas hob allows quicker heat.

Whether you get an Electric or Gas Cooker, always make sure both is safe and weigh up what is the best for you.