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A CP12 gas certificate landlord is a legal documentation saying that your gas appliance has been inspected by a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer and is deemed safe to use. It is important that you regularly check your gas appliance is in a safe condition to prevent any gas leakages or problems with your appliance.

As a landlord, having a gas certificate is very important. It is your legal obligation which assures you and your tenants that you are safe within the home and the gas appliances have been checked to a safe standard and.

If you have tenants moved in and you are asked to produce a gas safety certificate and you do not have one, this can result in fines or in some cases imprisonment. So if you are a landlord. Make sure you book to have a gas safety check and receive a gas certificate right away!

We know when you are a landlord you have a lot to do in order to ensure you have a safe environment for your tenants, but we at Gas Cookers Installation can work around your time and can even arrange with the tenants a time that is convenient to do your gas safety check. You can book within a three hour time slot so we won’t have you waiting all day. On top of this, we can pick up and drop off keys from a different location within 3 miles of where the job is being carried out.

So for more information or if you want to book your gas certificate please call 0333 320 0458 or send us a quick email at info@gascookerinstallation. We can also give you a free quote! Click here for our free quote page. Remember it is very risky as a landlord to not have a gas safety certificate so please get yours today!