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A lot of people are unaware of what a flame safety supervision device is and what it does for your cooker. This is how it works; if the device detects that there is no combustion and the fire has extinguished, the gas supply to the burner will stop releasing gas meaning there is no gas leak.  The regulations came into effect in June 2006. It stated, ‘all new installations of flueless gas appliances installed in multi-dwelling buildings need to incorporate a flame supervision device (FSD) on all burners, and comply with the guidance’.

You can find flame supervision devices mostly in new cookers. Old cookers tend not to have them installed. Sometimes the manufacturers can install it if you request, but this is usually very costly. These days, people are starting to learn about flame supervision devices because when they move their cooker or buy a second hand old cooker to install in their property, they usually don’t realise they need a flame supervision device until the engineer comes round and informs them. However, not every household requires a flame supervision device.

Here is a list of household which require a flame supervision device:

  • Multi-storey blocks of flats
  • Single storey maisonettes
  • Other buildings which have been subdivided into domestic dwellings
  • Buildings containing or served by one primary meter
  • Buildings containing or served by more than one secondary meter used for billing purposes
  • Buildings containing or served by one primary meter, but with more than one AECV

Here is a list of households that do not require flame supervision devices:

  • Detached, semi-detached or terraced houses or bungalows comprising of a single dwelling predominantly occupied by a single family
  • Industrial/ commercial buildings not containing a domestic dwelling

Try not to waste your money and find out if your new cooker has a flame supervision device before you have your cooker installed. If you are unsure, you can always book a visit for one of our engineers to come and service your cooker for you and check. Remember legislation has been put in place for flame supervision devices for your safety and the safety of others so make sure you have the right cooker in your home and only employ Gas Safe registered engineers to carry out your cooker installations as they are up to date with all the rules and regulations required for your cooker.