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Fireplaces, gas cookers and boilers are some of the many gas appliances that have to be installed by Gas Safe registered engineers. It is paramount you have your gas appliances installed by Gas Safe registered engineers because only they are fully qualified to carry out your gas jobs.

Engineers who are not gas safe registered but try to deal with gas appliances do not have the correct training and can therefore pose as a risk to you if they do not carry out a job properly. This can lead to gas leaks and further costly damages from your gas appliances. Gas can be lethal so please do ensure you do not become a statistic of a bad gas job by an unqualified engineer.

Unfortunately it is too late for some. In the case of Anne, she assumed the engineer she hired was qualified to do the job but unfortunately he was not gas safe registered. When she came home, she realised something was wrong when she couldn’t hear her 14 year old daughter upstairs.

Unfortunately, her daughter has suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of a leak coming from the gas fire she had the engineer installed. Anne shared her story because she wants to send out a message for everyone to make sure they take all the precautions necessary when it comes to working on any gas appliance within the home. Don’t risk any more lives and ensure that any work you carry out is executed by as Gas Safe registered engineer.

Gas Safe Engineers are constantly being updated with gas appliance rules and regulations so don’t let it bother you and leave it to our gas safe registered engineers here at Gas Cookers Installation.