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Need help disconnecting a gas cooker? Do you want to make sure there are no gas leakages during your disconnection? Then make sure you call Gas Cookers Installation.

If you have brought a new cooker or you are moving to a new property, you are most probably going to need a Gas cooker disconnection. Disconnecting a gas cooker can potentially be harmful if not done properly. It is paramount a registered Gas Safe engineer performs a Gas cooker disconnection for you to ensure the connecter is sealed off properly.

When removing a gas cooker, our engineers are very careful as they are trained to make sure there are no leaks or problems with your gas. Once the bayonet is removed during your Gas cooker disconnection, our engineers ensure that your gas is disconnected safely. When a Gas cooker disconnection is not done by a qualified professional it leaves you exposed to gas leaks and dangers in your home which can be disastrous for you and your home in addition to the extra costs you will have to pay to rectify the problem.

Our engineers can execute your gas cooker disconnection quickly and simply. The jobs are usually carried out within 24-48 hours of your fist phone call. As well as you being able to get a quick booking, we are also fast, reliable and prompt and work within 3 hour time slots for your convenience so you are not waiting around all day when disconnecting a gas cooker. Furthermore, we can also pick up and drop off keys from a different location within 3 miles of where the job is carried out.

So if you have any further queries regarding disconnecting a gas cooker or you simply want a free quote on your gas cooker disconnection, give us a call on 0333 320 0458 or send us an email at for our competitive prices!