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A CP12 gas safety certificate is a legal documentation that you gas appliance has been inspected by a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer and is deemed safe to use. It is important that you regularly check your gas appliance is in a safe condition to prevent any gas leakages or problems with your appliance.

For landlords, a CP12 Gas Safety Certificate is paramount. It is your legal obligation to make sure you annually have your gas appliances inspected and you receive a passed CP12 gas safety certificate. If landlords do not check their gas appliances are safe and cannot produce a CP12 gas safety certificate upon request, then they may be fined or even imprisoned. Faults in an appliance connection may cause carbon monoxide poisoning and if one of your tenants dies as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning and you have not had your appliance checked, you can face charges of manslaughter.

Your CP12 Gas Safety Certificate will include; A description of the gas cooker along with its location. A name, registration number and signature of our Gas Safe registered engineer who checked your appliance. The address of where the check was completed. The landlord of the property’s name and address. And last but not least, any problems identified by the engineer and the actions taken to fix it.

Even if your appliance is checked, it does not mean that you will automatically receive a CP12 Gas Safety Certificate. If your appliance is deemed unsafe, an engineer may choose to disconnect your gas and they will give you the homeowner or the landlord a warning notice. Only when the problem has been rectified and your oven is deemed safe will you receive your CP12 Gas Safety Certificate.

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