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dual-fuel-cookerDual fuel cookers are cookers that use both electric and gas sources. They require an electrical and gas supply in your kitchen. One of the main reasons people purchase dual fuel cookers is for a better quality of cooking. The hob is usually gas which allows faster heating and cooking and the oven is usually electric to allow more even cooking as it helps to keep a more precise temperature.

The gas hob on a dual fuel cooker usually heats up faster as the flame is directly on the pot or skillet; this also allows the heat change to be faster as the fire is either turned up or down. With electric hobs, the heat is passed from the electric currents meaning it can take longer for the heat to change. All of this allows the cooking on the hob to be more precise.

The gas oven on a dual fuel cooker is usually electric. This is said to be better than a gas oven because with a gas oven, the heat circulates in currents and can often heat up more in spots rather than evenly through the oven and it is hotter near the flame. The heat in an electric oven often moves more consistently and the rise of temperature allows food to be cooked more thoroughly rather than gas ovens which can lose heat quite easily once the oven door has been opened.

There are many benefits of a dual fuel oven, depending on what you need. Some people only prefer gas appliances when it comes to cooking but some people only prefer electric. Regardless of your preferences, we at Gas Cookers Installation can offer Gas Safe registered engineers to come to your property and install your cooker for you correctly. Enjoy your cooker whether it is electric, gas or dual fuel, get your gas cooker or dual fuel cooker installed today!