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Belling ovens are always so diverse and intricate in their design. With the constant upgrades and technical improvement of this brand of oven, it is important for you to have an engineer that understands your cooker. At gas cookers installation, we have gas safe registered and well informed engineers.

Belling ovens are one of the top of the range cookers so it is important that you keep your oven well maintained. At Gas Cookers Installation we have qualified gas safe registered engineers who know how to service your Belling cooker in order to keep it well maintained.

During your Belling cooker service, our engineers will check the flues and fans of your cooker to ensure no carbon monoxide is forming. They will also make sure that the gas connection between the cooker and gas supply is secure and tight as well as testing the ignition and burner on your cooker. Lastly, they may fit a safety chain if there is not one already to increase the safety of your cooker.

All this ensures your Belling cooker is safe and is in a secure condition. This also can improve the efficiency of your oven. So make sure you get your Belling cooker service from Gas Cookers Installation today.

Here at Gas Cookers Installation we also offer a range other services for your Belling cooker. We can have your Belling oven installed and disconnected for you and also provide you with a gas safety certificate for your Belling oven. We can also install, disconnect, and do a gas check on your Belling built-in hob.

So for more information on any services for your Belling oven make sure you call Gas Cookers Installation on 0333 320 0458 or you can also send us an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Don’t allow your Belling cooker to be prone to accidental and costly breakdowns, have your Belling over checked safely!