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Are you a Landlord? Need A Gas Certificate? As a Landlord you have various responsibilities to your tenants. One of these important responsibilities is ensuring they are safe in the home you have given them to live in. Landlord gas certificates are compulsory. As a landlord, you have a responsibility to make sure gas within your property is safe.  Without a Gas certificate, you cannot use a gas cooker or any gas appliances within the home.

Our Gas Safe registered engineers will only give you landlord gas certificates if they check your appliances and are without a doubt comfortable that your gas appliance is in a good working condition.

Landlord gas certificates for you will include a description of the gas cooker including the area the appliance was found also, the name, registration number and signature of the engineer who carried out your gas check. It will also include a description of the gas cooker including the area the appliance was found and the address of the property where your safety check was carried out. And last but not least it will include the landlord’s name and address and any problems the landlord came across and what needs to be addressed before they can give you a gas safety certificate (CP12).

We at Gas Cookers Installation can work around your time and can even arrange with the tenants a time that is convenient to do your gas safety check. You can book within a three hour time slot so we won’t have you waiting all day. On top of this, we can pick up and drop off keys from a different location within 3 miles of where the job is being carried out.

Please Call 0333 320 0458 for your no obligation free quote or send us an email to info@gascookerinstallation and we will get back to you.